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One of the leading Corporate Travel Service Provider in Dubai, UAE!

FAST TRAVELS, one of the finest and most reputable Travel Agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Committed to establish and maintain the highest standard of integrity and customer service and remain committed in business ethics, putting first the needs of our clients.

The Problem:

How many unproductive hours of searching the Internet are you and your staff spending? A day trip with flights seems fairly straight forward but what if hotel accommodation, car hire, conference arrangements, meetings and banquet bookings are required? Imagine if all these things are required for a large group?

The Solution:

If you value time, experience, safety, service, and money, you should understand the benefits of using FAST TRAVELS, one of the finest and most reputable Travel Agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with more than a decade of experience in providing quality travel services for leisure and business travelers worldwide!

Our Services:

FAST TRAVELS can handle every aspect of your trip from airline bookings to accommodation, ground transportation, activities and more. We can help you organize your trip, take care of all your business travel arrangements, so that you don’t need to go through a lot of headache preparing for it, and all that in one single company.

Our Services Includes but not limited to:

• Discount Air Ticket
• Dubai Hotel Booking / Worldwide Hotel Booking
• Dubai Visa / UAE Visa Processing
• Umrah Visa Processing
• Dubai Tours & Excursions
• Dubai Car Rental
• Dubai Airport Transfer
• Meet & Greet Assistance
• Conferene, Meeting & Banquet Bookings
• Group Incentives
and more...

We can also help you obtain Tourist Visa to various countries originating from UAE with no Physical Appearance Required except for Schengen countries:

• Azerbaijan
• Belarus
• Bulgaria
• China
• Ghana
• Hong Kong
• India
• Kazakhstan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Malaysia
• Pakistan
• Russia
• Schengen - We process Schengen Tourist Visa but requires Physical Appearance.
• Singapore
• South Africa
• Thailand
• Ukraine
• Uzbekistan


Many companies in Dubai are currently enjoying ‘STRESS FREE’ travel arrangement provided by FAST TRAVELS. Since the cost of travel is a company’s second or third largest controllable expense, having experienced travel management professionals like FAST TRAVELS manage and negotiate travel-related services, provides unmatched financial benefits to the company. In this highly competitive industry our international relationships deliver a powerful advantage in the development of cost-saving travel programs through preferred suppliers.


Become a Client:

We are very flexible and willing to discuss and address any concerns you may have prior to opening an account. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for a corporate travel account with us! All you have to do is get in touch with one of our corporate sales executives, either by email or telephone.

What are you waiting for? Try our service today and enjoy the Professional, Personal Care and Attention that our staff provides. If you have any Travel Requirements, we’d like to hear from you!